TF-LIF Icelandic Coastguard Helicopter

Emergency Coastguard Helicopter Takes Three Hours

A crewmember on board the freezing trawler Örfirisey RE suffered a heart attack on 5th December and it took a coastguard helicopter some three hours to come and get him, because the helicopter had been on a mission for the civil protection agency at the Bárðarbunga volcano site.

A screenshot from a video showing a Sunday Times journalist driving off-road in Iceland.

Sunday Times Journalist Drives Off-Road in Iceland

A Sunday Times journalist has been caught driving off-road in Iceland. The journalist was testing the new Land Rover Discovery Sport for the car manufacturer, who will continue to fly foreign journalists to Iceland for this purpose in the next six weeks.

Syrian refugee children

Icelandic Filmmaker Not Working for IS, His Family Says

The family of the Icelandic filmmaker, who, according to a Syrian defector from IS (aka ISIS) has been working for the terrorist organization, as stated in an article in The New York Review of Books by Sarah Birke, has come forward, saying he is not involved with IS.

ISIS flag

Icelandic Filmmaker Working for IS Terrorists?

Journalist Sarah Birke, The Economist’s Middle-East correspondent, maintains in her article ‘How ISIS Rules,’ published in The New York Review of Books yesterday, that an Icelandic citizen is working as a filmmaker for the terrorist organization in Syria.

Týr docked at the harbor in Sicily earlier this month.

Icelandic Ship Rescues 400 Refugees in Med

The Icelandic Coast Guard vessel Týr rescued 408 refugees from a tramp steamer 165 nautical miles east of Malta yesterday morning. This is the second time in the past week that the ship rescues a large group of refugees in the Mediterranean.

gavel as used in courts

Leak Affair: Newspaper Insists on Settling

Journalists at newspaper DV Jóhann Páll Jóhannsson and Jón Bjarki Magnússon said in a press release over the weekend that the paper’s owners had insisted on settling the case brought against them by Þórey Vilhjálmsdóttir, who used to be a political assistant to Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, who...

A cargo ship with containers.

Icelandic Red Cross Sending Clothes for Ukraine Refugees

“I have seen people well up when they see how much care has been put into what has been sent and that makes a real difference,” says Þórir Guðmundsson, head of relief aid at the Icelandic Red Cross, about the response to Icelandic clothing parcels in Belarus.

Reykjavík with Hallgrímskirkja in the background

Iceland More Corrupt than Other Nordic Nations

In the new Corruption Perception Index, Iceland is ranked as the world’s 12th least corrupt nation, far lower than the other Nordic nations. The index ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.


Icelanders’ Trust in Media Down

Trust in all Icelandic media outlets, with the exception of DV, has decreased, according to a new poll conducted by MMR. Fourteen and a half percent of respondents said they trusted DV “a lot” compared to 10 percent a year ago.

Reykjavík cemetry

No Place for the Dead in Reykjavík

Within six to eight years the graveyards in the capital area will be completely full, according to Þórsteinn Ragnarsson, director of the service company for graveyards in Reykjavík, Kirkjugarðar Reykjavíkurprófastsdæma.

Akureyri in winter.

Person Fired for not Disposing Asbestos Safely

An employee of waste management company Íslenska gámafélagið was fired after it turned out that asbestos waste had not been disposed of properly but instead left in a non-secure area in Akureyri, North Iceland. Asbestos fibers can cause serious illnesses, including lung cancer.


Surgeons and Physiatrists in Iceland on Strike

A 48-hour strike among surgeons and psychiatrists at Landspítali National University Hospital began at midnight. At the same time doctors at other hospital wards concluded their 48-hour strike. No progress has been made in negotiations between doctors and the state.

Julien Blanc

Pick Up Artist’s Iceland Workshop Canceled?

A planned three-day course on how to seduce women by self-described ‘pick up artist’ Julien Blanc to be held in Iceland next June may have been canceled, reports. The lecture no longer appears on the American company Real Social Dynamics’ website.