Julien Blanc

Pick Up Artist’s Iceland Workshop Canceled?

A planned three-day course on how to seduce women by self-described ‘pick up artist’ Julien Blanc to be held in Iceland next June may have been canceled, reports. The lecture no longer appears on the American company Real Social Dynamics’ website.

Missing Tourist Found Dead

The man reported missing on Sunday afternoon was found dead on Miðnesheiði outside the security fence of Keflavík International Airport at noon yesterday. The initial news indicated that he might have been alive. Search and rescue volunteers had searched for him the entire night.

Keflavík International Airport

Missing Tourist Found near Keflavík Airport

The foreign citizen reported missing yesterday was found outside the fence of Keflavík International Airport at noon today. Paramedics were called out to estimate the man’s condition. Overall, 111 search and rescue members took part in the search.

A woman's shoe.

TV Station Boss Asks Sales Reps to Show Cleavage

Female salespersons at the new television station iSTV walked out when the chairman of the board, Þorsteinn Steingrímsson, asked them to wear low-cut shirts, push-up bras, mini skirts and high heels when meeting with possible advertisers.

search rescue

Tourist Missing in Southwest Iceland

Between 70 and 80 search and rescue volunteers are searching for a man who was reported missing yesterday afternoon. The man, who is a foreign citizen on a visit to his relatives in the country, is believed to be lost on Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland.


Talks between Doctors and State Going Nowhere

After 42 meetings in the five months since the wage dispute between doctors in the Icelandic Medical Association and Surgeon’s Association and representatives of the Icelandic health authorities was referred to the State Negotiator, talks are going nowhere.


Press Freedom in Iceland in Decline

Freedom of the press has been in decline in Iceland during the past two years. That’s the conclusion of Reporters Without Borders, which published a statement about the issue on its homepage yesterday.

Heckler & Koch MP5

Machine Guns Remain Sealed at Airport

A receipt for the 250 MP5 submachine guns delivered to the Icelandic Coast Guard is yet to be received and therefore the guns have not been cleared by customs and remain sealed in the storage of the Icelandic Coast Guard at Keflavík International Airport.


Former Landsbanki CEO Sentenced to 12 Months

Sigurjón Þ. Árnason, former CEO of Landsbanki, was sentenced to 12 months in prison by Reykjavík District Court earlier this morning for market manipulation between November 1, 2007 and October 3, 2008.

Police car

Police Investigate if Attack Was Paid For

The police are continuing to investigate the incident in Akureyri, North Iceland, last week where a Molotov cocktail was thrown at an empty vehicle outside the home of an employee of the District Commissioner’s Office early in the morning of November 12.

Women with their babies in Reykjavík

Unusually Many Twins Born in Iceland

So far this year 58 pairs of twins were born at Landspítali National University Hospital in Reykjavík. From January to November in 2013, 49 twins were born at the hospital, so the increase measures 18.4 percent between years.

EU referendum protest on Austurvöllur, Reykjavík

Third Protest in Series Targets Interior Minister

Approximately 800 people gathered on Austurvöllur square in front of the Icelandic parliament yesterday to protest against the government and specifically Minister of the Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir. This is the third Monday in a row that a demonstration takes place on Austurvöllur.

Police bike

Doctors in Iceland on Strike Again

Doctors working at healthcare centers in Reykjavík and surrounding communities, at healthcare institutions outside the capital area and at Landspítali National University Hospital’s research, women’s and children’s wards started striking at midnight and will not resume work until midnight...

Supreme Court of Iceland

Supreme Court Confirms Six Years for Sex Offence

The Supreme Court of Iceland confirmed on Thursday a six-year prison sentence over a man found guilty of having committed sexual violations against his mother-in-law. He was found to have taken advantage of her mental disability and forced her into having intercourse with him.

TF-LIF Icelandic Coastguard Helicopter

Car Runs into River, Search Unsuccessful

Up to 100 people, search and rescue volunteers, police officers and firefighters, took part in a search for a vehicle a witness observed running into the Ölfusá river in Selfoss, South Iceland, between 10 and 11 last night. They searched through the night but with no luck.

Anti-government protest in Reykjavík

Protest outside Parliament Draws 1,500

Around 1,500 people gathered in Austurvöllur square in front of Alþingi, Iceland’s parliament, yesterday evening to protest the government’s actions. The state of the healthcare system was at the top of protesters’ agenda.