Search and rescue workers.

Almost Two Hundred Stranded Cars Rescued

Search and Rescue was called in the late hours of Thursday evening to help dig out nearly 200 vehicles that had gotten stuck on Hellisheiði mountain pass during a major winter storm.

A member of ICE-SAR fastening roof slates in a storm.

Power Blackouts Caused By Lightning Storm

Yesterday‘s storm didn‘t go unnoticed by Icelanders, causing minor property damage as well as temporary power blackouts across the capital area, Reykjanes, the Westman Islands and more locations.

Storm in Reykjavík

Storm Warning For Iceland

The Icelandic Met Office asked residents in Iceland to prepare for a storm today, which has currently begun to reach Icelandic shores.

Winter Storm Today

After the recent gentle weather, it is due to get wintry over parts of Iceland today—though nowhere near as stormy as the hurricane force winds that struck ten days ago, the duty meteorologist assures RÚV.

Road, storm

In the Wake of the Storm

There are no reports of severe injuries to people as a result of yesterday’s storm, but property damage is significant.

Austuvöllur square without Christmas tree.

Oslo Tree Taken Down

The Oslo Christmas tree on Austurvöllur square in downtown Reykjavík has been taken to shelter due to the imminent storm.


Bus Services in Reykjavík after 5 pm Canceled

Bus services in Reykjavík after 5 pm have been canceled due to the extreme weather warning this evening. The Department of Civic Protection has strongly advised that people across the country stay indoors after 5 pm today.

Storm coming

How Bad Was the Weather 25 Years Ago?

The Met Office keeps telling us we’re about to be affected by the worst weather in Reykjavík in 25 years. Since you may be wondering how bad it was 25 years ago, we’ll give you an idea.


Extreme Weather Advice

Due to the extreme weather forecast for today, Ring Road 1 from Markarfljót river to Breiðamerkurlón glacial lagoon in South Iceland, will be closed at noon.

Extreme Weather Warning for Iceland

An extreme weather warning with hurricane force winds has been issued for Iceland for Monday. Police have strongly urged people against traveling tomorrow with the weather described as very dangerous.

Road closed, South Iceland.

Effects of the Stormy Weather

Our photographer Páll Stefánsson sent us this photo of where Ring Road 1 has been closed in South Iceland, due to the violent storm affecting the area.