Road 65 in Kervík, the West Fjords

Avalanche Closes West Fjords Road

The road under Súðavíkurhlíð by Súðavík in the West Fjords is currently closed because of an avalanche which fell on the road last night. A northerly wind has been forecast for the next 24 hours, 8-13 m/s, with snowfall in some parts of the country.

Over 300 Take Shelter in Gas Station due to Storm

Last night 338 people got stuck at the gas station Staðarskáli, just before Holtavörðuheiði mountain pass, Northwest Iceland, on the highway, Ring Road One, connecting North Iceland and the West Fjords with the rest of Iceland, due to bad weather.

Snowstorm by Hallgrímskirkja

Canceled Fligths and Terrible Weather Ahead

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a warning: A strong or severe gale (more than 20-25 m/s) is expected in South and West Iceland tonight and tomorrow morning. Both WOW Air and Icelandair have canceled or delayed international flights.

search rescue

Search and Rescue Volunteers Caught in Avalanche

Search and rescue volunteers faced a life-threatening situation when two avalanches fell in the slopes of mountain Esja outside Reykjavík during a rescue operation on Sunday evening. Two of the volunteers were tossed 80 meters (262 feet) with the second avalanche, one of them injuring his leg....

Snowstorm in Reykjavík, December 16, 2014

Snow Hinders Commuting in Reykjavík

Roads in Reykjavík are covered in snow and many neighborhood streets were not passable this morning. Municipal workers have been working through the night to try to clear the roads but are yet to reach all suburbs.

Photo: Snowstorm on South Iceland Road

The above picture was taken by Iceland Review Online – Deutsch contributor Dagmar Trodler on the Hellisheiði mountain pass connecting Reykjavík and Hveragerði in South Iceland shortly before the road was closed last night.

Vopnafjörður petrol station

Record High Temperature in East Iceland

A new record was set in Iceland when on December 29 the temperature in Skjaldþingsstaðir in Vopnafjörður, East Iceland, reached 16ºC (60.8ºF). It was the warmest temperature in Iceland between Christmas and New Year’s Day since records began, according to the Icelandic Met Office.

Storm on Reykjanes, Southwest Iceland.

Storm Warning for South Iceland

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a storm warning for parts of Iceland today. Southwesterly winds of 15 to 23 m/s are forecast for later today, strongest in the south.

Sudden Thaw Leads to Slippery Conditions

After excessive snowfall and frosty temperatures around the country, strong winds from the south carried warm air with them, leading to a sudden thaw and rainfall in some regions. Road conditions are extremely slippery in all parts of the country.

Snowfall in Reykjavík on October 21, 2014.

White Christmas Expensive for Reykjavík

Iceland’s capital has seen extensive snowfall this December, which has resulted in significant expenses for clearing snow and salting roads, estimated at ISK 150 million (USD 1.2 million, EUR 1.0 million) in December, totaling at ISK 500 million this year.

A cargo ship with containers.

Twenty Containers Fall into Ocean

Twenty containers, which were being transported by Eimskip vessel Dettifoss en route to Iceland, fell into the ocean 85 nautical miles northwest of the Faroe Islands last night when the ship was hit by rogue waves.

Iceland's West Fjords

Avalanche Risk and Storm in West Fjords

The road under the slope Súðavíkurhlíð between Ísafjörður and Súðavík in the West Fjords has been closed since 1 am last night because of avalanche risk. The Icelandic Met Office has issued a strong gale warning for the region with wind speed expected to exceed 20 m/s.

Snowstorm by Hallgrímskirkja

Ring Road to North Iceland Reopens

The mountain pass across Holtavörðuheiði connecting West and North Iceland was cleared this morning. The road, which is part of Ring Road 1, had been impassable for 24 hours. The snowstorm has also interrupted domestic flights.

Storm Breaks Wind Meter

The wind which hit East Iceland on Sunday was so strong that meteorologist Þóranna Pálsdóttir declared it among the “strongest we’ve seen.”

Iceland weather map, December 16, 2014

More Stormy Weather across Iceland

Another strong gale warning has been issued for South and West Iceland today and tomorrow. A gale is described as wind more than 20 m/s. The forecast also includes snow for the south and west turning to sleet or rain this afternoon.

Storm in Reykjavík

Video of Storm in Reykjavík published a video of a group of four people attempting to walk in the strong wind in Reykjavík. The wind was so strong that it started to push them into the underground car park.

Weather forecast December 8, 2014

Storm Warning for West and Southwest Iceland Tonight

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a storm warning for Southwest and West Iceland tonight. Strong wind of up to 28 m/s, gusts of up to 50 m/s near mountains as well as snow and sleet are forecast. Strong wind, gale force in some areas, is forecast across the country.