Flood and Mudslide Warning for East Fjords

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a flood and landslide warning for the East Fjords. Due to unusually heavy rainfall yesterday and last night, there is considerable growth in rivers and streams in the area, along with the possibility of landslides. This warning is in effect through tonight (...

Coldest Summer in Decades

The first 13 weeks of summer have not been colder in Reykjavík for around 20 years, and for around 30 years in Akureyri. The difference is especially marked in Akureyri, as the northern town enjoyed its warmest summer in 67 years in 2014, according to meteorologist Trausti Jónsson.


Summer Sun Arrives in Iceland

It will be fairly warm and sunny in most parts of Iceland this week, with temperatures ranging from 8-18°C (46-64°F) today; the highest temperatures forecast for West Iceland. The weather will be calm across the country, but foggy in some places.

Storm Sweeps across West and North Iceland

Search and rescue squad Dagrenning in Hólmavík, the eastern West Fjords, was called out last night because of a storm which raged in the area. A roof was coming loose from a house in the town and a boat in the harbor was about to be blown out to sea.

Snowfall on Roads across North Iceland

Mountain passes and many other roads in the West Fjords, North Iceland and the East Fjords were subject to snowfall last night, causing snowy and slippery driving conditions. The Icelandic Met Office has forecasts sleet or rain in North and East Iceland today.

Steingrímsfjarðarheiði, the West Fjords.

Snow to Return to Iceland

The temperature may have reached a balmy 12°C (53.6°F) in Reykjavík today but those traveling around the country this week need not unpack their bikinis: sleet and snow are forecast on mountain roads in the north and east of Iceland this evening and tonight. Driving conditions in vehicles...

Winter in Reykjavík

Coldest May in Reykjavík in Decades

The current May is the fourth coldest in Iceland’s capital since 1949 and the coldest since 1979, according to meteorologist Trausti Jónsson. The southwestern corner of the country has been the worst hit by cool westerly winds, while it has been slightly warmer in other regions.


Travelers Lost in Icelandic Highlands

Search and rescue teams in North Iceland have been called out to search for two men who are lost west of Askja volcano in the northeastern highlands. They started hiking from Strengjabrekka last weekend and were planning to walk to Svartárvatn lake.