A closure sign on Fjarðarheiði, East Iceland.

Snowfall and Impassable Roads in Iceland

Most regions in Iceland have been subject to snowfall in the past days, especially North Iceland. The main roads are being cleared. There are poor driving conditions around Ólafsfjörður, on Tjörnes east of Húsavík and between Þórshöfn and Bakkafjörður.

Mowing the lawn in a blizzard.

Video: Icelanders Mow Snow-Covered Lawn

Friends Jóhann Konráð Birgisson and Finnbogi Helgi Snæbjörnsson shot a video of themselves mowing the lawn of their summer house in Grenivík, North Iceland, on the occasion of the First Day of Summer—despite the lawn being covered in snow.

Winter in Reykjavík

Frost Follows First Day of Summer

Snowfall and temperatures as low as -7°C (19°F) have been forecast for a large part of the country today. However, the weather is expected to be mostly sunny in South Iceland, the Icelandic Met Office reports. Yesterday, Icelanders celebrated the official First Day of Summer.

Snow in Reykjavík

Bad Summer Forecast

This summer in Iceland will be colder than average with a 30-percent chance of a wetter than usual summer, according to meteorologist at the Icelandic Met Office Trausti Jónsson.

search rescue

Twelve-Car Pileup in Bad Weather

Search and rescue services were called out to Holtavörðuheiði pass, on the Ring Road between North and South Iceland, yesterday when a 12-car pileup occurred in bad weather.

Icelandair plane

Lightning Pierces Nose of Icelandair Plane

Icelandair plane Herðubreið was struck by lightning on Tuesday. The plane was en route to Denver when the incident occurred and landed there safely according to schedule. However, in Denver it turned out that the lightning had pierced the plane’s nose.

Steingrímsfjarðarheiði, the West Fjords.

Two Communities without Road Connections

Two communities are currently without road connections with the rest of Iceland, the rural Árneshreppur in Strandir region in the West Fjords and the hamlet in Mjóifjörður fjord, between Seyðisfjörður and Norðfjörður in the East Fjords.

A snowy road.

Roads Closed, Iceland Struck by Blizzards

After mild weather and spring-like thaw during Easter, most regions were subject to snowfall last night and this morning a blizzard raged on the mountain pass Öxnadalsheiði in North Iceland, which is part of the Ring Road, causing it to be closed.

search rescue

Hikers Rescued from Iceland Highland Route

Four British hikers contacted the emergency services early this morning. They had intended to cross the highlands by taking the Kjölur road, which is open for cars in the summer, but after four days in snowy conditions they had become cold and exhausted and were unable to continue.

Sunshine reflected in a high rise by the Reykjavík seaside.

Calm Weather Warning Issued

The search and rescue team, Þorbjörn, in the town of Grindavík, near Keflavík International Airport, issued a warning yesterday evening when today’s forecast for calm weather with almost no wind was issued, conditions which have been very rare this winter.

Iceland Inspires Photographer to Ignore Forecast

While most landscape photographers can be found trawling forecasts and making sure they are prepared for the conditions they are about to take pictures of, Iceland has taught one of them to trust to fate and go out without expectations.

Weather map Nov. 30 2014

Extreme Weather Tomorrow Could be Worst of Winter So Far

In a season of more storms than most can remember, tomorrow’s forecast (Saturday) is being touted as probably the worst so far this winter. Some outlets are even planning on staying shut and all domestic flights have been canceled, starting this afternoon.