Storm Strands 500 People on Golden Circle Route

Five hundred people ran into trouble on the Golden Circle route yesterday when a big snowstorm hit South and West Iceland. The travelers required assistance from search and rescue and had to be brought to service centers at Gullfoss and Þingvellir.

Map of Vatnajökull

Skiers on Glacier Call Search and Rescue

Two foreign tourists who intended to ski across Vatnajökull glacier called the 112 emergency hotline this morning, requesting assistance getting down from the glacier. Search and rescue picked up their traveling companion on Tuesday after he had fallen ill.

Crazy Weather Attacks Again

Iceland has had more than its fair share of damaging storms this winter, with yet another battering the country yesterday and continuing to cause trouble today.

Winter in Reykjavík

Coldest February in Reykjavík in Seven Years

This past February was the coldest Iceland’s capital has seen since 2008. The temperature was below the average for the past ten year across the country and below the average for 1961-1990 in South and Southwest Iceland and in most parts of West Iceland too.

Low pressure system

Another Storm Brewing in Iceland

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a strong gale warning of more than 20 m/s in Iceland for tomorrow. A northwesterly wind of 10 to 18 m/s is forecast for Northeast and East Iceland, accompanied by snowshowers, elsewhere lighter westerly wind and occasional snowshowers. The temperature will...

Blizzard and Avalanche Risk in West Fjords

A blizzard is raging on all mountain passes in the West Fjords and on the roads leading to Flateyri and Suðureyri. The driving conditions are poor around Reykhólar in the southern part of the region and along Ísafjarðardjúp in the north. The roads under the mountainsides Súðavíkurhlíð and...

search rescue

Tourists Saved from Highlands in Crazy Weather

Search and rescue associations were called out yesterday evening to track down two groups of travelers in dismal weather conditions; two men who were located north of Mýrdalsjökull in the southern highlands and three others who were traveling the northern highlands. All men were found before...

Low pressure system

Follow the Storm Live

The low pressure system moving across Iceland today can be monitored on the website

storm warning

Another Storm Warning for Across Iceland

A strong gale or severe gale warning, issued for wind of 20 to 28 m/s, is in effect for all parts of Iceland today. A violent storm, with wind of more than 28 m/s, is forecast for the West Fjords tonight and tomorrow.

Storm in Reykjavík

Crazy Weather in South Iceland Smashes Windows

A major storm hit South Iceland on Sunday. Search and rescue volunteers had to assist at least ten drivers after flying stones smashed the windows of their cars. The people, mostly foreign tourists, were taken to a nearby hotel, but the cars were left behind.

Storm on Reykjanes, Southwest Iceland.

Storm Warning for Parts of Iceland

The weather forecast for today is for decreasing northerly and northeasterly wind, widely 10 to 18 m/s around noon, but 18 to 25 m/s in the east and southeast. Snowshowers in the north and east, elsewhere mostly dry and partly fair, but widespread snowdrifts.


Search and Rescue Find Lost Tourist

Members of search and rescue Víkverji in Vík in South Iceland were called out on Monday evening after a foreign tourist didn’t board a bus he had booked a fare with. The man had intended to hike across Reynisfjall mountain and walk Reynisfjara beach earlier in the day.

A car stuck in snow in Keflavík.

Poor Road Conditions in Southwest Iceland

The driving conditions in South and Southwest Iceland, including Suðurnes region where Keflavík International Airport is located, are currently poor with intermittent snowfall blocking visibility, snow-cover and slippery roads. Search and rescue services were called out to assist drivers this...

Reykjavík domestic airport

Record in Canceled Flights in Iceland

The weather has been unusually crazy in Iceland this winter, leaving commuter blizzard-struck on roads and grounding flights. A new record was set at domestic airline Air Iceland when 90 flights were canceled in the first nine days of February.

Flood in Ísafjörður, February 2015

More than ISK 100 Million in Flood Damage

The damage caused by flooding in Ísafjörður, the West Fjords, over the weekend is estimated to be worth more than ISK 100 million (USD 754,000, EUR 666,000), as reported on the Bylgjan radio news.

Snowstorm by Hallgrímskirkja

Storm Warning for West Iceland

A strong gale is expected in West and Southeast Iceland today. Wind of 13 to 23 m/s is forecast for Southwest Iceland along with snowshowers, decreasing later in the day, while it will be dry in East Iceland.

East Iceland

Warmer in Iceland than Spain

The temperature in Dalatangi, the easternmost building and weather station in Iceland, was 17.4°C (65°F) yesterday, close to an all-time heat record for Iceland in February. In Madrid, Spain, the temperature was 7°C (44°F), 13°C (55.4ºF) in Benidorm, a popular year-round beach resort, and 0°C (...

Möðrudalsöræfi Northeast Iceland

Cold and Changeable Weather in Iceland in January

January 2015 was colder than the average January in the past decade everywhere in Iceland apart from a few locations in the south. Precipitation was also frequent around the country last month, albeit not record-breaking. January was characterized by changeable weather.