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Buying a Car in Iceland


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: When buying a new car on monthly payments, is it necessary to make an advance payment?

We are a same-sex couple and we want to marry in Iceland. When can we do that?

Lili Ignatova, Bulgaria


A: A quick online search revealed that there are many options available when buying a new car on monthly payments.

For example, IslandusBílar offers 75 percent car loans in cooperation with the main loan institutions for new or recent cars for approximately seven years, meaning that 25 percent of the car’s price must be paid up front.

However, in the case of electric cars, a 100 percent loan is available.

It’s best to explore your options at different car agencies before making a decision.

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As for your second question, the same marital law applies to same-sex couples as other couples. For visitors, complicated paperwork is sometimes involved, but basically, people can get married whenever and (almost) wherever in Iceland they like.

For legal details contact the district commissioner in the region where you live or where you intend to get married. Contact information is available here.

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