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Elephant in Vestmannaeyjar Islands

From Vestmannaeyjar islands. Photo: Þjóðhátíð í Eyjum/Facebook

Q: While in Iceland in July, I visited Vestmannaeyjar islands, where we took a boat tour. One of the rock formations, I think it was on Heimaey, looked just like an elephant. Unfortunately, I was not able to photograph it. I thought for sure I would find a postcard of such an unusual thing, but, alas, I never did. I am in search of a picture of this elephant. Can you help me?

Roberta, United States


A: The elephant rock is made of columnar basalt, and it’s a popular tourist destination, visible from the golf course in Vestmannaeyjar. It looks like the elephant has been drinking sea water for thousands of years, its trunk being submerged. The surface of the rock even resembles the skin of an elephant.

Here is a link to some good photos of the rock.