What job opportunities exist for someone who speaks Chinese?

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What job opportunities exist for someone who speaks Chinese?

Q: I, a German citizen of 37 years old with a business background, am planning to move from Taiwan, where I live and work right now, to Iceland next year for private reasons. However, I wonder how difficult it will be to find work in Reykjavik. I have already checked your website and seen that you have answered similar questions, but my case is a little bit special. I have lived and worked for around seven years in Taiwan and Mainland China, in which time I have acquired very good Chinese Mandarin speaking, writing, and reading skill, along with a deep experience at working and doing business with Chinese people. Besides, I hold a Master degree and in addition to Mandarin, I also speak English, German, and Spanish fluently. Unfortunately, I cannot speak Icelandic, but I am willing to learn the language. On the one hand, the bilateral relationship between China and Iceland appear to have considerably deepened in the last couple of years, especially in terms of business. On the other hand, there seem to be no way to estimate from where I live whether there is a need for a person with such a special skill set. And given how much time and effort I had to excert to arrive at where I am right now, I would very much prefer to find a job in my new home that is not too far below of what I am doing here. I have already contacted the immigration office, but my case seems to appear so seldom that they could only provide me with very general answers. I am aware that this question is very special. That said, in view of the gravity of the decision that I have to make (leave my cozy job here in Taiwan and jump into the unknown?), I would be very grateful if you could feed my decision-making process with at least a little hint whether there is any chance of finding an adequate job in an Icelandic company with my type of specialization. Again, your help is very much appreciated here! Regards, Werner, Taipei, Taiwan ---

A: With a good CV and all the languages, you speak, there should be a great possibilities, in the tourist and export sector, here in Iceland. PS