Iceland's Northernmost Town

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Iceland's Northernmost Town

Grímsey in the summer
Grímsey in the summer. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: What is the northernmost town/village in Iceland and does it have an airport? I am coming to Iceland for a very short time (three days) specifically to see the northern lights and I do not have driver's license.

Nori Hamasaki, Osaka, Japan.


A: Raufarhöfn on Melrakkaslétta peninsula is the northernmost village on the mainland, but does not have airport. I would go to the island of Grímsey, on the Arctic Circle. This small island has two hostels and an airport, connecting the island with Akureyri daily. The population of Grímsey is 100, so there is very little light pollution and it's the perfect place to see the northern lights.