Buses to Siglufjörður

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Buses to Siglufjörður

Siglufjörður Iceland

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: I am trying to find the bus schedule for travel from Reykjavík to Siglufjörður. I know that there is no direrct bus service, but finding the connections is proving difficult. The month of May will be the proposed travel time.

David Abdee.


A: Bus 78 goes from Akureyri, the hub for North Iceland, to Siglufjörður. The schedule can be found here at

From Reykjavík, there is a direct bus to Akureyri twice per day. The buses have free WiFi. And please, on the way north to Akureyri and then to Siglufjörður, sit in the right side of the bus; the view is more scenic.