Mývatn in Winter?

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Mývatn in Winter?

Camping at Lake Mývatn in February

Photo: Einar Jónsson.

Q: Hi, I'll be visiting Iceland for the first time from November 15 to 23. I want to make a drive from Reykjavík to Mývatn. My questions are: is it safe to drive there during November, and which route (east or west) will be the safest?



A: Snow and ice can theoretically strike as early as September and you should expect considerable amounts in November. On the other hand, there may be almost none.

Lake Mývatn is on the main Route 1 highway and the Icelandic Roads Administration operates plows to keep the road open all year round. However – and this is important – if the weather has been particularly stormy, the road may be unsuitable for driving for a day, or maybe two.

Always check the road conditions on before setting out, and also check the weather forecast. If it’s not stormy, then the chances are that you’ll be able to get there just fine.

Winter driving is an acquired habit, so take it slowly. The easiest and most traveled route is definitely the western one. And this also allows you to get to know beautiful Akureyri as well.

Tourists arrive at Mývatn year round by car and by coach, so just take it slow and make sure your car is on good winter tires.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!