Finding My Bike and Laws on Free Roaming Sheep

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Finding My Bike and Laws on Free Roaming Sheep

Icelandic sheep

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: On July 16 I had an accident with my motorcycle near Egilsstaðir. A confrontation with a sheep ended with me severely injured, and I was transported to a hospital in Reykjavík. I am currently recovering in a Belgian hospital. I was traveling alone so don’t know what happened with my bike. How can I easily find the place where my motorbike is parked?

I also want to know about regulations concerning responsibility and free running sheep? (Don’t misunderstand me, I do not blame the farmer, this was an accident).

One of the first persons who helped me was a Canadian pediatrician and I would like to thank him for his help. I’m convinced he helped save my life. How can I find him?

P.S. Despite this, I can only advise people to visit Iceland. After touring for four weeks and nearly 6,000 km I’m convinced this is the most beautiful country with the kindest people you can meet. And for those who believe it is too expensive: don’t judge before you have seen it. It’s worth every cent!



A: Sorry about your accident, hope you are doing better now! Your best bet for locating your motorcycle is to call the police in Egilsstaðir. This is their phone number: +354 470-2140

Sheep are allowed to roam freely in most of the country. It is only banned in the counties surrounding the metropolitan area of Reykjavík, along three separate sections of Ring RoadOne, as well as within the town limits of all larger towns. As long as the accident occurred outside of the boundaries of the town of Egilsstaðir, the sheep were legally there. Motor vehicle collisions with sheep are fairly common, and whether or not the sheep were legally allowed to roam free doesn’t really impact you, it mostly just affects whether or not the farmer will be compensated for his loss or not by his insurance company.

I am not sure how you would go about finding the Canadian pediatrician, but you could ask the police at Egilsstaðir about that as well. Perhaps he gave them a report on the accident as one of the first people to the scene. The hospital might also have some information on him for the same reason. You could try to call them at this number: +354 543-1000. It might even be more effective if you could get the name and number of the doctor who treated you from your current doctor. They would probably be able to help you more than if you just called the general number.