Apartments for Rent for Senior Citizens

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Apartments for Rent for Senior Citizens


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: Are there apartments in Reykjavik for rent for senior citizens?

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A: Yes, there are certainly some apartments available for rent and sale exclusively for senior citizens. There are both service apartments, which connect to a service center and health clinic, such as at Hrafnista, as well as apartments which are only differentiated by the fact that they are only for people above a certain age, and without children. Some apartment complexes, such as at Nesvellir, in Reykjanesbær, just outside Reykjavík, combine both.

If you meant to ask whether there are senior citizen apartments available for short-term rent, such as only for a holiday, according to Leigufélag Íslands (The Renting Association of Iceland) there are none.