Plane Crash Investigation

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Plane Crash Investigation

Akureyri. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: Has the investigation into the Mýflug airplane crash in Akureyri been completed and where can a copy of the report be obtained?

Peter Langley


A: The plane crash, which occurred in August 2013, is still under investigation by the Icelandic Transport Investigation Board. According to a story published on on October 14, the board’s report on the accident is not expected until next year, although it is hoped that the investigation can be completed before the end of December.

Two men died in the accident, the pilot and a paramedic—it was an ambulance flight—while the third person onboard, the co-pilot, survived. The airplane had returned from its flight to Reykjavík but instead of landing at the airport flew a circle above a car race track in Hlíðarfjall mountain outside the town, where the plane crashed.

According to an internal investigation by Mýflug, the plane’s equipment and maintenance was in order and the pilots were not under any unusual strain.