House Swapping in Iceland

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House Swapping in Iceland


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: Our son is living in Reykjavík with his Icelandic partner. They have a one-year-old daughter who they are bringing up bi-lingual in Icelandic and English. My wife and I are planning to spend six months in Iceland in order to learn Icelandic ourselves. We need to find somewhere to live near the city center and would consider a house swap with anyone needing to spend time in the UK. Please can you advise me where best to find adverts for rental accommodation and where we might advertise a potential house-swap?

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A: One of my colleagues here in Reykjavík has arranged several house swaps via House Exchange and recommended them.

A Google search also brought up the following additional results: Love Home Swap, Sabbatical Minds and Exchange Zones.

There are also various Facebook groups you could try, such as ‘British and living in Iceland,’ ‘Leiga miðsvæðis í Reykjavík (101, 105, 107); miðbænum; downtown; leigja,’ where information on available rooms and apartments/houses in downtown Reykjavík is shared with those seeking accommodation, ‘Leiga 109,110,111,’ which is the same but for the outer Reykjavík suburbs, and ‘Leiga,’ which is for renting all over Iceland.

Three of the main websites with information on rental apartments in Reykjavík include Leigulistinn, and the small ad section on news website under housing (“Húsnæði í bodi”). The real estate section on also has a rental section, but none of these websites are in English.

For information on renting in Iceland without a kennitala (social security number), read our post here.

Good luck!