Plants Native to Iceland

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Plants Native to Iceland

Moss-covered lava is a common sight in Iceland. Photo: Geir Ólafsson.

Q: Do you know if there are any carnivorous plants in Iceland? Where can I learn about any unique and interesting plants native to Iceland?

Ashley Brewer


A: Carnivorous plant habitats are primarily temperate to warm, moist and nutrient deficient, as it says on, so originally I thought there were no carnivorous plants in Iceland.

However, to my surprise, a kind reader pointed out that there are actually two kinds of carnivorous plants in Iceland: drosera rotundifolia, found in peatbogs, very small and rare. It catches little insects with glue on the leaves, then digests them; and pinguicula vulgaris, which is very common.

Thank you Yann Pichon!

On the website of the Icelandic Institute of Natural History you can read about the botany of Iceland in English and the different types of plants that grow wild in the country.

Also check out the information about Icelandic plants on this website.