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Vicks in Iceland


Q: Can you please tell me why Icelandic pharmacies have stopped selling Vicks Vapor Rub? Can I buy it online and have it delivered here?

PJ, Iceland


A: I spoke with a representative of a company which used to import Vicks Vapor Rub and they told me that the product has been unavailable in Iceland since a restructuring initiative within the producer’s parent company, Proctor & Gamble, voided contracts with its Icelandic importer. Until new agreements are reached, imports of several products, including Vicks Vapor Rub, have been suspended.

In the meantime, a similar product, Mentholatum Vaporizing Rub and Ointment, is available at most Icelandic pharmacies. You should also be able to order Vicks Vapor Rub online from a website such as Amazon and select international shipping.