Overnight Camping

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Overnight Camping

Jökulsárlón, Southeast Iceland.

Photo: Simsaliina Regenhut.

Q: I’ve been watching the live web cam from Jökulsárlón and I’ve seen a camper vehicle that’s been parked for several days in the parking lot of the glacial lagoon.

I’m wondering, what are the rules on where a visitor/tourist can park a camper for several days?

Judy, United States


A: Outside of urban areas, camping overnight is permissible anywhere on uncultivated public land. If one intends to camp overnight on private land, then the landowner’s permission must be sought.

Camping overnight in urban areas is only permitted within specially designated and marked areas.

At the Jökulsárlón website, under the FAQ section, it is stated that “people in a camping van (with toilet) are allowed to stay in the parking lot.”

Regardless, I cannot in any way recommend camping out in any parking lot.