Street Named after Nonni

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Street Named after Nonni

New street names in Akureyri.
A plan for the new district Hagahverfi in Akureyri. Photo: Akureyrarbær.

Q: I’ve heard that in Akureyri, the hometown of Icelandic children’s book author Nonni (Jón Svensson, or Sveinsson), streets will be named after him and other famous authors from the town. Do you know when the street-naming ceremony will take place?

Friederika Priemer, Cologne, Germany


A: A street in Akureyri’s new Hagahverfi district, Nonnahagi, will be named after Nonni. The northern part of it is set to open this autumn, in September or October. However, no special ceremony is being planned.

All streets in the district will be named after historically-known persons from Akureyri, but not strictly authors.

As decided at the street naming committee’s meeting on March 17, 2014, the conditions for a street being named after a certain person is: 1) that his or her name is known from the town’s history; 2) that he or she has contributed to the local community; 3) that the person has furthered the town’s name; and 4) that the person in question is no longer among the living.

The other streets in Hagahverfi will be named:

Davíðshagi, after poet Davíð Stefánsson frá Fagraskógi
Elísabetarhagi, after artist Elísabet Geirmundsdóttir
Geirþrúðarhagi, after merchant’s daughter Geirþrúður Thyrrestrup
Gudmannshagi, after merchant father and son Gudmann
Halldóruhagi, after schoolmaster Halldóra Bjarnadóttir
Jóninnuhagi, after teacher and cook book author Jóninna Sigurðardóttir
Kristjánshagi, after poet Kristján Einarsson frá Djúpalæk
Margrétarhagi , after Margarete Schiöth, founder of the Akureyri Botanical Garden
Matthíasarhagi, after poet Matthías Jochumsson
Steindórshagi, after natural scientist Steindór Steindórsson frá Hlöðum
Wilhelmínugata, after merchant and pioneering female politician Wilhelmína Lever

Parts of Matthíasarhagi, Geirþrúðarhagi and Davíðshagi will also open in September or October. The rest of the district is set to open in the coming years.