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Puffin Mug

Puffin mug.

Q: Hello,

My family was in Iceland in April and we bought this mug for my 9-year-old daughter. Last week, she accidentally dropped it! She's hysterically upset (she loves puffins) and I want to get her another one but I can’t find it! Can you help?

Thanks so much,

Elyssa, U.S.


A: Your daughter can smile again. After searching all over the island, we found the puffin hiding on the website of, from where it can be ordered. Here is the link. The price per mug is $ 7.50, but for the item to be shipped, you must place an order for a minimum of $ 10. Should you come back to Iceland, this kind of mug is available at Ísbjörninn Polarbear gift store, Laugavegur 38, Reykjavík.