How to Find Eyjafirði and Cemeteries

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How to Find Eyjafirði and Cemeteries

Hólavallagarður cemetery in Reykjavík.
Hólavallagarður Cemetery, Reykjavík. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: We are coming to Iceland in October, 2015. My mother's ancestors came from Iceland and I am trying to find where Eyjafirdi, Iceland is. Our family records show that my great grandfather was Sigurlaugur Agust Sigfusson, born August 12, 1870, Eyjafirdi, Iceland (Krossanesi farm). His father was Sigfus Jonsson and mother was Ingibjorg Arnadottir, Einarson. We would like to visit the area to see if we can locate any grave sites of ancestors, so we can take some pictures to bring home. I am unable to find Eyjafirdi on the map. Would you have any information as to where Eyjafirdi is located? Additionally, if there are any grave sites in the area that you could provide locations for that would be fantastic. Thanks so much for your help.

Cynthia, Canada


A: Eyjafirði is the dative of Eyjafjörður, and the dative is always used to indicate location. That’s why you couldn’t find it on the map. Eyjafjörður is the nominative and what you see on the map. This fjord is in North Iceland, and at the south end of it is Akureyri, the largest town in the north.

Near Akureyri, there is an area called Krossanes, where the farm may once have stood. Here is a link to a great website, albeit in Icelandic, where you can look up every cemetery in the country: The website even allows you to search for names of people buried in Iceland. A search for your relatives was unsuccessful, but you may have other names you want to look up later.

On the other hand, a Google search for Ingibjörg Árnadóttir and Sigfús Jónsson turned up results on the website It indicated they were married in 1854. It appears, though, that in order to obtain more information from the website, you must be a subscriber. Here is the link:

Hopefully, this helps.

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