Imports and Exports of Fresh Produce

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Imports and Exports of Fresh Produce


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Q: Is the demand for strawberries always higher than the local offer? I would also like to know which vegetables/fruits are in highest demand and for which the local supply is insufficient. Are there studies (preferably in English), on demand, production and import of vegetables and fruits, available to the public and where can I get them? Which fruits and vegetables are the most imported in Iceland? Is there an available report on that? And what about new crops that Iceland is interested in trying to produce?

Aurore, France/Canada


A: Your question covers a large subject. The best resource for you would be Statistics Iceland.

Visit their English website, go to Economy, External Trade, Statistics, Trade in Goods.

There, you can look up imports and exports of any kind. You also have the option of looking items up by their HS number. For a definition of HS numbers, click here.

In order to estimate how much is grown, for example, of a certain type of grain, you can look at import statistics on seeds for that type of grain.