Release of Baltasar’s TV Series ‘Trapped’

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Release of Baltasar’s TV Series ‘Trapped’

Q: Is there any news about the release of Baltasar Kormákur’s Trapped? All I can find is that BBC4 will show it “sometime,” but when I contacted them, they didn’t know anything else. Also, are there any other suggestions for other Icelandic or any Scandi-noir type shows to watch? (BBC recently showed three episodes of Beck out of the 30 made).

Graham, UK


A: Trapped (Ófærð, in Icelandic) is set to premiere on RÚV, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, on December 27, 2015. According to information from Baltasar’s production studio Reykjavík Studios, the series will premiere on BBC4 in February. An exact date is not yet available.

There is one ghost thriller in the making right now, based on Yrsa Sigurðardóttir’s ghost story I Remember You. Filming recently took place in the West Fjords. The film is directed by Óskar Þór Axelsson, who previously directed the crime thriller Black’s Game (Svartur á leik), and will premiere at Christmas, next year.