Sheep Roundup

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Sheep Roundup

Gathering sheep in Tungnarétt, South Iceland

Photo: Sverrir Geirmundsson.

Q: I'd like to participate in the sheep roundup in Iceland. I'd like to know if some Icelandic farms would allow me to take part at this activity.

Simona, Italy


A: Anyone is welcome at the sheep roundups, which typically take place in mid-September. If, on the other hand, you’d like to go to the mountains to round up the sheep with the farmers, you’d have to contact the municipal office in question, or local tourist office, late in summer to see if you can get permission to go.

The farmers’ paper, Bændablaðið, publishes a list of roundups online every year at, albeit in Icelandic. (Try to Google the word “Fjárréttir 2016” (meaning “sheep roundups 2016”) in late summer for a list of all the roundups.)

For a fee, you can also participate in organized tours for this specific purpose. There is a four-day tour offered by Laxness Horse Farm, and Eldhestar offers a six-day tour for experienced riders. The farm Brekkulækur in Miðfjörður, Northwest Iceland, also offers a guided roundup tour, as does Sólarhestar and Núpshestar, just to name a few.

UPDATE: There is now a map available from TripCreator, which shows the locations and dates for sheep roundups in Iceland. You can view the map here.