Happy Whistling Song

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Happy Whistling Song

Veröldin er ný album cover.

Q: Last year I spent a week traveling around Iceland in early October in what was my favorite holiday of all time.

Whilst I was there with my partner there was a song being played constantly on the radio, on many radio stations, which I believe sounded Icelandic or at least Scandinavian. It was an acoustic song with a happy swinging melody and it had only whistling in the chorus.

Do you either know what this song may be, or do you know if there is any way to see what top 50 songs in Iceland were at this time? Perhaps you could point me in the way of the local radio stations?

Tim Argent, Australia


A: On you can find a list of the most popular songs in Iceland, compiled by national broadcaster RÚV’s Rás 2 radio station, at any given time.

October 4-10, 2015, the most popular song in Iceland was ‘Lapis lazuli’ from the album Veröldin er ný by veteran Icelandic musician Helgi Björnsson. It’s a happy swinging melody with only whistling in the chorus.

You can listen to the song here.