Information about ‘Papar’ in English

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Information about ‘Papar’ in English

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Q: Do you know of any articles or books (in English) about the Irish hermits who were living in Iceland when the Vikings began the Settlement? I have looked on Amazon and Google, but have not found much there.

I am working on a writing project having to do with the Papar and the Settlers, so anything you might know of would be helpful.

Michael Kelly, Paso Robles, California, US


A: When searching for papar in English on, the search web for libraries in Iceland, these were the results.

The list included the article ‘Unveiling the Mystery of the Papar’​ by Brian Patrick Fitzgibbon, published in issue 43 (1) of Iceland Review in 2005.

PDF iconunveiling_the_mystery_of_the_papar_ir_2005_43_p54.pdf

PDF iconunveiling_the_mystery_of_the_papar_ir_2005_43_p56.pdf