The Flaming Lips performing live at Vodafonehöllin during Iceland Airwaves Music Festival 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland. November 9, 2014

Wayne in the Sky with Balloons

The Flaming Lips close Iceland Airwaves 2014 in a style that can only be described as ecstatic, confetti-crazed and completely over the top. The War on Drugs as a warm-up is not bad either, even without the gimmicks.
Moon King

Off-Venue Program Preview

The off-venue program for this year’s Iceland Airwaves is quite simply enormous: 675 shows at 52 venues over a period of one week is more than anybody can even begin to consider. So, much like the main event, planning and controlling expectations is vital.
FM Belfast at Iceland Airwaves 2013.

Iceland Airwaves Announces Off-Venue Program

Organizers of the Iceland Airwaves music festival released the off-venue program yesterday. With 675 performances at 52 locations, it’s the biggest off-venue program to date. Airwaves will start in Iceland’s capital on November 5. The first off-venue concerts take place on November 3.
Jón Valur Guðmundsson

Bird (EH)

A man named 'bird' prepares for his Iceland Airwaves debut.
From Iceland Airwaves in 2013.

Iceland Airwaves Sells Out

Tickets to the 2014 Iceland Airwaves music festival, which will be held for the 16th time in Reykjavík this year, from November 5 to 9, have now sold out, as announced in a press release yesterday.
Iceland Airwaves crowd

Iceland Airwaves Announces Festival Schedule

The schedule for the 2014 Iceland Airwaves music festival, held November 5-9 in Reykjavík, is ready. The schedule is available in pdf form on airwaves.is and the festival organizers are planning to release an app and online planner soon.


The War You Don't See

War and Peace at RIFF

The special theme at this year’s Reykjavík International Film Festival questioned the role of the media in war, among other issues.
From the film I Can Quit Whenever I Want.

Golden Puffin Goes to Italian Director’s Debut

I Can Quit Whenever I Want ( Smetto quando voglio ), the debut film of Italian director Sydney Sibilia, received the Golden Puffin trophy at the 2014 Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF) on Saturday as the ‘discovery of the year.’
Storm in Reykjavík

Rain, Storm and RIFF

The past autumns in Reykjavík have been characterized by wind and rain. It’s the perfect season for RIFF.
Ruben Östlund

Ruben Östlund RIFF Guest of Honor

Swedish film director Ruben Östlund will be a guest of honor at this year’s Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF), which starts on Thursday.
From the film Boyhood.

RIFF Releases 2014 Program

The Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF) released its 2014 program at a press conference yesterday. The event, which this year takes place between September 25 and October 5, showcases over 100 dramas and non-fiction films from over 40 countries.
From the film 'Mr. Turner.'

Q&A with Mike Leigh

British director, Mike Leigh, will be guest of honor at the Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF). His latest film, Mr.Turner will be screened on September 30 at 8 pm and Leigh will be available for a Q&A after the film has finished.
From the film 'Land Ho.'

RIFF Announces Opening Film

Land Ho! from the U.S. is the opening film at the 2014 Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF), running from September 25 to October 5. It chronicles two older men attempting to recapture their youth while on a trip in Iceland.
Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh RIFF’s Guest of Honor

British director Mike Leigh has been announced as a guest of honor at this year’s Reykjavík Film Festival (RIFF), which runs September 25 to October 5.
Bíóparadís cinema

John Pilger Guest at RIFF 2014

Internationally renowned Australian-British investigative journalist John Pilger will take part in a symposium entitled ‘War and Peace’ at this year’s Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF), which runs from September 25 to October 5.