Pictures and Their Sounds


Pictures and Their Sounds

Pictures - and their sounds - 01 (2011) from Claus Sterneck on Vimeo.

A picture can be viewed in many ways, aesthetically, analytically or emotionally. But a picture can also transport you to a different place, right to the moment in time that was captured, and allow you to experience it firsthand.

The combination of photographs and audio recordings widens the range of the senses, opening the door to a deeper, all-encompassing level of perception.

Right after or while each image was taken, the background sounds of the scene were recorded along with it.

Photos and text by Claus Sterneck.[email protected]

01. Djúpavík

Djúpavík is a village in the Strandir district of the Icelandic West Fjords. The village was famous because of its huge herring factory which was operational from 1934 until the mid-1950s. This “Picture and Its Sound” was shot and recorded in one of the three herring oil tanks.

02. Tjörnin

The Reykjavík Pond is located in the center of the city. As you can see and hear in this “Picture and Its Sound”, many birds stay there all year round, mostly swans and ducks. To the northeast of the pond you can see City Hall.

03. Bónus

This is the typical sound of the cash registers in the grocery store Bónus.

04. Aegisída

In the western part of Reykjavík lies the beautiful old street Aegisída, which slings along the coastline. Not far away is the local airport which facilitates many smaller aircraft all year round.

About the artist:

Claus Sterneck (40), originally from Germany, has lived in Iceland for extended periods since 2003. In September 2008 he moved to Reykjavík permanently, where he now lives and works.

The installation “Pictures and Their Sounds” was exhibited in Germany in 2009 and in Iceland in 2010. Because of positive response, it will be exhibited again next summer, in the old herring factory in Djúpavík (

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