The Winter Mood in Reykjavík – February 2011


The Winter Mood in Reykjavík – February 2011

Watch this an audio slideshow from Reykjavík, taken on cold winter days in February.

The first picture is of the Reykjavík Pond with a view of a snow-capped Mt. Esja. Then the camera captures the towers by the seaside, followed by a few shots of Mt. Esja taken from Laugarnes. The city’s old harbor and the maritime museum are also featured.

The photographer then focuses on the sculpture “Sólfarid” by Jón Gunnar Árnason before leading us out of town to the Bláfjöll mountains where the capital’s ski resort is located.

The slideshow ends with a picture of steam coming out of the snow-covered ground on Hellisheidi heath—the geothermal area provides energy for Reykjavík.

Photos and music by Páll Kjartansson.

Click here to download the slideshow.

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