Video: Icelandic Cows Celebrate Summer


Video: Icelandic Cows Celebrate Summer

Watch this video of the cows from the farm Brimnes in northeast Iceland which are being allowed to go outside for the first time after the long winter. This is usually a spectacle to watch because the large and clumsy cows are so overcome with joy that they jump around and play as if they were newborn calves.

This video was shot by Sigurjón Sveinsson in late June 2010. Text by Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir – [email protected].


Nowadays, most cowsheds in Iceland are modern where the cows are allowed to roam around freely inside and go outside whenever it’s warm enough—at some farms they are even milked by a robot and approach it themselves when they want to be milked.

However, there are still a few farms left, albeit rapidly decreasing, where the cows spend the entire winter in a stall and become absolutely ecstatic with the sense of freedom that comes with summer.

On this bright summer’s day in late June 2010, the cows of Brimnes in northeast Iceland seemed a bit confused at first when they exited the cowshed for the first time after the long winter while being observed by a few spectators—the youngest of whom was only nine months old.

Then they did put on a bit of a show, giving the audience their money’s worth.

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