Pictures and Their Sounds – Part III


Pictures and Their Sounds – Part III

Pictures - and their sounds - 03 (2012) from Claus Sterneck on Vimeo.

A picture can be viewed in many ways, aesthetically, analytically or emotionally. But a picture can also transport you to a different place, right to the moment in time that was captured, and allow you to experience it firsthand.

The combination of photographs and audio recordings widens the range of the senses, opening the door to a deeper, all-encompassing level of perception. Right after or while each image was taken, the background sounds of the scene were recorded along with it.

1. Trékyllisvík, Árnes (near Djúpavík) – Sheep in a stable

Everybody who has visited Iceland is sure to have encountered sheep in some way, outside the tent (making sounds as you hear now), on a plate of lambakjöt (not making sounds anymore), or printed on t-shirts, candles or napkins.

2. Djúpavík – Icelandic national holiday, June 17

Every year on June 17 the people of Djúpavík parade from the hotel to the factory and back. Here you listen to Magga playing the saxophone and people singing the national hymn of Iceland. (Click here to read more about the national holiday.)

3. Djúpavík – A little bit more water

Early in the morning listening to small waves hitting the stones and coast.

4. Djúpavík – Starting a helicopter

After the alleged sighting of a polar bear this summer, the Icelandic Coast Guard searched Northwest Iceland by helicopter, including the Strandir area where Djúpavík is located. The crew landed in Djúpavík for a short break and had refreshments in the hotel.

Claus Sterneck – [email protected]

Originally from Germany, Claus Sterneck (42), has lived in Iceland for extended periods since 2003. In September 2008 he moved to Reykjavík permanently, where he now lives and works as a postman.

New project – “One picture per day” (Facebook)

Since early 2012 Sterneck has published one image on his Facebook page every day, taken that same day somewhere in Iceland. Thus, the pictures are all very different.

An exhibition of Sterneck’s photographs is currently running in the old herring factory in the hamlet of Djúpavík in the West Fjords’ Strandir region and will be open until September 22.

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