TripCreator – Book Your Perfect Trip to Iceland


TripCreator – Book Your Perfect Trip to Iceland


Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Want a city break? An adventure perhaps? Enjoy nature? Want to visit historical places? Plan family activities? Choose accordingly and TripCreator online trip planner will generate a suggestion for your trip of a lifetime to Iceland.

Offering a high degree of customization, you can create a trip tailored to your needs and desires by selecting activities and the areas of Iceland you wish to explore. Alternatively, let TripCreator build your dream vacation.

ÞingvellirÞingvellir. Photos by Páll Stefánsson.

“We have everything in the one place, we have the largest selection of travel opportunities in Iceland, we have the best price guaranteed and great customer service,” says team member Lella Erludóttir of the advantages of booking with TripCreator.

Providing accommodation, rental car, attractions and activity options, TripCreator generates trip suggestions including a full itinerary based on your keywords of interest and selected trip dates with the convenience of booking everything in the one place with just one click. Want to make some tweaks? You have the power to fully customize your trip to your individual needs and desires.

Blue LagoonThe Blue Lagoon.

All the trips make sense in time and space too because distances are calculated, ensuring that your itinerary is realistic and you’ll get the most out of your trip. For the returning visitor, visiting Iceland for the umpteenth time, who knows exactly where they want to go, TripCreator offers a catalogue where you can select specific areas—and they organize the rest.


Established in December 2014, TripCreator is already receiving great feedback from customers, Lella says. “People like the flexibility and support we offer. We know it’s a big tool and can be a bit overwhelming to some but we’re there. We provide 24/7 customer service.”

TripCreator—your one stop travel agent in Iceland.