From New Zealand to the Great Places and Glaciers

Readers Corner

From New Zealand to the Great Places and Glaciers

My wife and I did the anti clock abbreviated tour in June this year. Seven days on the road was not enough! It’s only since we arrived home, developed the pics and started to dream about a return to that strangely strange place that we realized we could have done with more, lots more!.

Oh to go inland and experience even more of the great places and glaciers. The roads inland from the main route were enticing to say the least but with just a 2 wheel drive car not worth the possible risk. Next time a 4WD and a little later in the year my dreams could be realized.

The roads were great, easy to drive and, well, I don’t know the speed limit but it is easy to exceed!

The weather, well, what can one say? Variable, from nice and sunny to bloody cold, wet and windy; even some snow at Akureyri in the far north. What a nice place. Helpful shop keepers, nice place to stay, good food.

We didn’t get the chance to meet many friendly Icelanders as we were on the move most of the time. B5 in Reykjavik was tremendous and the pub down the road from there, on the corner with the music, good beer and plenty of atmosphere finished our trip in great fashion.

We were intrigued by all the summer houses (we assume) in the country out of Reykjavik. What does everyone get up to out there? Going by the numbers every person must have one. Big parties and fishing? We would love to know.

Ahhh but the prices! I think to have a good tour there one needs to have deep pockets, British pounds or yankee dollars. If you can develop thermal powered cars for the tourists it would be great. I guess if the ice melts and the place warms up a bit you can grow a little more of your own food.

Thanks to the guys who organized our self drive tour . Iceland visitor and Jon Gunnar Benjaminsson. Everything went right, we found our way, not too hard with good roads and maps, friendly people that we came across and decent edible food. All in all great organization.

Our recommendation is if you can afford to visit do it, if not do it anyway. We hope to be back one day.

Best regards,

Godfrey Hansen.

PS It was a nice course for golf but a little windy and cold on the day for a game!