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Comment from Holland

Three years ago, in March, I have visited Iceland together with my wife.

I can tell you that I never forget your beautiful island and that we are longing for coming back as I write this story. The first thing we did after our landing in Kevlavik was to eat a fish in a Wiener Cafe in Reykjavik. Why in a Wiener Cafe? We were starving and, perhaps as you know, eating in a Wiener Cafe is a little bit more familiar to us Dutch people.

The next day we made a unforgetable trip (the Golden Circle) to Thingvellir, the Strokkur and the Gullfoss. The weather that day was as we have expected from Iceland. A lot of wind, really a lot, we could hardly breath. My wife and I had to hug each other. Not that I hate to hug my wife, far from that, but now it was really necessary... If we did not, the wind had blown us away in the waterfall...

That was pure joy, I can assure you. That was Iceland for me. The pristine, the pure, the strong wind, the pummeling rain in your face. Then after a breathtake the sun and the beautiful views. Far, really far...

Because Iceland is only a 3 hours flight from Schiphol Amsterdam we will sure come back again. Together with the friendly sterwardess from Icelandair...

I wish you all the best.

Paul Passage Nieuwegein (Holland)