RE: Iceland, a Soon-To-Be EU Member?

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RE: Iceland, a Soon-To-Be EU Member?

Dear All,

Another thing I have read with dismay! A report that Iceland is still likely to apply for EU membership. The people are divided but still around half feel it would be good; that is correct but it would only be good for the EU bureaucrats; more cash for them to waste. I say look before you leap. For the UK the benefits can be summarised:

UK Annual Net contribution 2011-2013 £5BN (4,945BN IKr) UK Gross contribution 2011-2013 £15BN (14,835BN IKr) UK Trade Deficit with rest of EU 2010 £40BN (39,560BN IKr)

Immigration last 10 yrs 3m Current Unemployment 2.9m

Of new jobs for young people created in 2010 95% taken by non UK EU residents

Greece, Spain and Italy are pretty well bankrupt and the whole European edifice is morally bankrupt; the European Parliament accounts have failed to balance for years and the auditors have refused to sign them off because of the huge discrepancies.

The EU is a failed experiment and Iceland’s unique and special culture and character would be lost forever and the Icelandic people would rue the day they surrender sovereignty to Europe.

Yours sincerely, Mike Pusey Devon, England