Re: Will History Repeat Itself? (JB)

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Re: Will History Repeat Itself? (JB)

I do wish JB would learn to stop invoking the Nazis and WW2 every time someone expresses an opinion on immigration or abortion that sums contrary to her own. It’s the height of intellectual laziness.

As for her insistence that South Africa is much better now than under apartheid, I note only that it now suffers power shortages daily, has the highest murder rate in the world (including the racist murders of 3,000 white farmers since apartheid) and that human rights organizations estimate that 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime.If that’s her definition of success I’d hate to see her idea of failure.

One can’t help but note that she chooses to live in boring old mono-ethnic Iceland rather than vibrant diverse SA. How curious.

Christian Jones, Middlesbrough, U.K.