Re: Iceland Launches EU Accession Talks on Six Chapters

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Re: Iceland Launches EU Accession Talks on Six Chapters

In your article titled ‘Iceland Launches EU Accession Talks on Six Chapters,’ the writer states:

“In his address at the conference, Icelandic Foreign Minister Össur Skarphéðinsson said he was more confident than ever that joining the EU was the right step for the country.”

I am wondering if that was a verbatim quote as “joining the EU was the right step” implies that Iceland has joined the EU despite the fact that it has only been following steps towards applying.

In my discussions with Icelanders and in reviewing poll numbers it is clear that the majority of Icelanders do not support joining the EU at this time.

Is this a case of irresponsible journalism or dishonest politics?

Michael Zuntag, Reykjavík (U.S. citizen on extended vacation in Iceland)


Dear Michael,

The sentence you refer to in the EU article is taken directly from the press release. I have since had access to the original speech and this is not a direct quote from the minister.

Nevertheless, we do not feel that the use of ‘was’ in this sentence necessarily implies that Iceland has already joined the EU nor does it imply that Icelanders support EU accession.

As has been widely reported, Iceland is currently in EU accession negotiations and has not formally joined the EU.