Re: Iceland's EU Application

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Re: Iceland's EU Application

As a life-long lover of Icelanders and all things Icelandic I was horrified to read about the proposed application to join the EU.

Now I know that Vikings are very good at reading runes but feel that on the subject of Europe they have not studied them well enough.

Outside of Asia the European Union represents the most corrupt and undemocratic waster of national assets in modern times. In theory, like communism, the EU should be a dream come true with the economic benefits of access to the single market and some half a billion consumers. The dream ends in Brussels.

It exists only to strip member states of their sovereignty, assets and the rights of the citizens self-determination. This is confirmed by the current crisis within the Eurozone which, among other things, has been brought about by rampant corruption and a costly, hyper-bloated bureaucracy.

Crucial to the power of the EU is the democratic deficit and this is highlighted by the fact that all 27 Commissioners are unelected—Iceland, as the cradle of parliament and modern day democracy should be very worried about this. The likewise unelected President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, actually said that nation states are dangerous because they are excessively democratic.

That statement alone should send shivers down your spines. It has no time for the democratic process or representative government of nation states, relying instead on a host of highly-paid, tame and self-interested politicians (the enemy within) to calm the population down.

The EU is propped up by the ever-increasing tax burden on its citizens which is used to buy the ‘loyalty’ of an army of corporations, consultants, contractors, bankers and other key institutions—this is what keeps them in non-productive employment. It never goes anywhere and never arrives anywhere but it perpetually moves because it is fuelled by us—the tax payer. The European Commission and Members of the European Parliament are rotten to the core with corruption and excesses; they and their corporate allies are getting wealthier whilst ordinary people are pinned down by punitive taxation, petty laws and regulations.

All EU states are in thrall to an unelected minority—the term is instantly recognizable to Icelanders—the word that our Viking ancestors in England gave to our language—SLAVERY.

Don’t do it Iceland—you will lose your nationhood, your fish, gas, oil and other natural resources.

Given that the entire population is less than that of most large towns in the U.K. and you are poised to turn the corner after the disaster in 2008, a little more effort and your unique position in tourism, culture and natural potential will ensure economic success

Áfram Island!

Daniel Reid, Northampton, England, U.K.