Re: An Icelandic Wedding Party

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Re: An Icelandic Wedding Party

About 35 years ago I was on uniform patrol duties on a late Saturday evening along with another police colleague in Hope Street near Sauchiehall St in the city center of Glasgow. Little did we know then that there was an Icelandic wedding party in the Royal Hotel Sauchiehall St.

The happy couple had retired earlier to the wedding suite!! At that time one could get the ‘first edition’ of the following days newspapers from news vendors at certain locations in Glasgow city center. As we approached the junction of Sauchiehall St directly below the Royal Hotel where the news vendor was shouting at the top of his voice “Get your Sunday Mail - Sunday Post, here,” suddenly both of us observed the news vendor and his papers being soaked from a bucketful of water deposited from one of the hotel rooms.

He lodged a complaint and we promised to look into it. I recall that the night-shift porter informed us that a large crowd of Icelanders were staying in the hotel having attended an Icelandic wedding earlier that day. All the Icelandic guests were having a good time and obviously enjoying themselves. They were all laughing as we walked through their function room towards the couple’s suite.

We were not aware that the bride and groom had retired for the night. I knocked on the door and nearly dropped when this gorgeous fair-haired six footer answered the door with a towel round her. She said: “it was me that poured the water my husband and I just got married today and every time my husband tells me how much he loves me all I can hear is Sunday Mail - Sunday Post.”

We were weak at the knees with laughter and we promised to send the news vendor home for the night. As we passed through the function room where all the guests were enjoying themselves they all stood up and clapped their hands and asked us to come back and join them later. We accepted their kind invitation and joined them at about 2:00 am. I just wonder if the happy couple recall that eventful night??

Donald, Scotland

[Editor's note: If the couple mentioned happen to read this letter, please contact us at [email protected] for correspondence with Donald]