Re: End of an Era (ZR)

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Re: End of an Era (ZR)

I miss video stores. It was like going to a library. One might know something specific one was looking for, or the style of thing one was looking for, but there were all these other options, other ideas. I’ve seen many a movie I might not otherwise have picked, simply because what I wanted was out and this one looked intriguing, or one of the staff suggested it, or even if the movie I’d gone to rent was available, here were all these other things to try as well. And if I didn’t like it, back it went. And so often there was a conversation with some staff person, a fellow film enthusiast.

I suppose I’m an old fuddy-duddy, not adjusting to Netflix and Redbox and what-not, and I don’t particularly enjoy watching films crammed down onto my computer screen (how do people watch them on their phones?!).

But I miss video stores.

So thanks for your little paean to them.

Regards, Katharine Kroeber, Rokland, U.S.A.