Re: Possible Eruption in South Iceland’s Hekla Volcano

Readers Corner

Re: Possible Eruption in South Iceland’s Hekla Volcano

This American Icelandophile is paying very close attention to the warnings recently issued about seismic activity on Mount Hekla.  Of course, it has only been three years since Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano many air travelers came to hate, made itself known to much of the world, so I imagine I won’t be alone in my Hekla watching and waiting.

I’m particularly interested in Hekla because that hooded cloak of a mountain is the volcano star of my recently published book, Life Erupted. When the warning for Hekla was issued, several friends called and asked if I knew Hekla was such an active volcano, and a mountain so popular with hikers and the like. I said I did, and that was part of the reason I chose to feature it in my book. Life cannot erupt if nothing, well, erupts.

In my book, Hekla’s eruption is not too terrible. No one is hurt or killed and no air travel is unduly interrupted. I only hope that if Hekla does decide to erupt again, it has the manners to stay well within such gentle guidelines, for the sake of air travelers and Icelanders alike.


Mary Stanik, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.