Re: US Asks Iceland to Extradite Snowden

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Re: US Asks Iceland to Extradite Snowden

I am also an American and while I can almost agree with Curt I have to stop short of the fascist government comment. None the less, I am very disturbed with what I see happening in America these days all over government in Washington. Paranoia for lack of a slightly less meaningful word, seems to describe for the moment at least, the mindset there. In my opinion, the Chicago mob is running Washington, telling Obama just to smile, speak when told and disavow any knowledge of anything. That is not being any sort of a leader, a President, or anything else. He is an eloquent speaker but when reading from the teleprompter, those things that have been written for him to say you can see he is only reading and all to often not making much sense at all

Now as to Iceland and Snowden. They are doing it absolutely correctly. Get here first if that’s where you want to be and then we’ll talk. If we don’t like what you have to say, we will decide if you can stay or you must go, nobody else. Frankly, I don’t see other than perhaps theft of information (IF he actually took documents from his workplace), and not even that IF he just made notes. Answer this!! What has he said so far that thinking logical people the world over didn’t really already know? Washington these days is way to secretive. They classify everything. They have lost the understanding that as a government they work for WE THE PEOPLE and not the people for them. Some bureaucrats are absolutely drunk with power. They form opinions without ALL the facts. They rile as many of the masses as they can to their inaccurate statements and delight in getting an audience of the angry now and uninformed. Solve Benghazi first, the IRS scandal, expose Obamacare for the mess it is and let the chips fall where they may. Those things first. America and Americans need to take back their government first from the drunken sailors (no disrespect to sailors) who believe it must be their way or the highway. We need to stop screaming at each other, slow down, stop, think, get all the facts not just speculation and then move forward slowly..

Bob Murray, Garðabær, Iceland