Re: Record Number of Tourists Arrive in Iceland

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Re: Record Number of Tourists Arrive in Iceland

Five cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in Reykjavík and Hafnarfjörður today. A total of 9,450 people are on board, 6,600 passengers and 2,800 crew members.

... We really hope the Icelandic government will start asking for a landing fee or environmental fee for all passengers using the road and sights in Iceland without staying overnight in Icelandic hotels and using Icelandic services except for a bus and a guide!

All other tourists have to pay tax for each overnight stay in Iceland! How is this and will this be solved for all the cruise people who stay on board nice ships? Is Iceland’s environment gaining from them too? If yes—perfect. If no—a shame for the government!

Kind regards,

Ann-Cathrin Bröcker, Managing Director and Partner, Iceland ProTravel, Germany