Re: Sorry, don’t we spend enough?

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Re: Sorry, don’t we spend enough?

“We want to attract tourists who are willing to pay,” so says Árni Gunnarsson, Director of the Icelandic Tourist Industry Association referring to the proposed construction of ‘luxury’ accommodation in Reykjavík.

I feel I should be slightly offended by his comment. Over the years we, and many like us, have spent millions of krona with Icelandair, the hire-car outlets, restaurants, the existing hotels and the tour operators. Does Gunnarsson really think that the opportunity to spend USD 500 a night on a hotel room will encourage people to come to Iceland even more?

And if they do come are such people going to want to spend time sharing space on an excursion bus with peasants like us? I think not.

Attached is one of my photographs of Esja over the roof-tops of Reykjavík. A 16-floor hotel sounds more like a blot on this skyline.



Tony Gomm, Winchester, U.K.