Re: Rental Cars Damaged after Storm in Iceland

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Re: Rental Cars Damaged after Storm in Iceland

We spent five days in Iceland and had a great time. SADcars definitely put a damper to our Iceland experience. We rented a Subaru Legacy. The car was in okay condition, lots of scratches and dents, plastic license holder broken and sticking out, key hole not functioning properly to lock and unlock the car, no keyless entry, no power locks, no cruise control, headlights not bright, window wipers not wiping properly. This was all okay. We missed many days of our trip waiting for the storm winds to die down to protect the car, which was okay since it was our choice.

What was NOT okay was when we returned the car, the guy said everything was ok, no damage, we signed the papers, got into the van to go back to the airport, and the guy went to get his boss because there was “a problem.” His boss tried to tell us that the car was “a little lighter in color” so he was charging us for a paint job, tried to tell us it was EUR 3,000 but was only charging us EUR 1,750.

No charges were itemized. He said that we could not leave and will miss our flight if we don’t give him money, which sounds like a threat to me. There was no proof of any color change. He tried to show us a picture online from when they first got the car! What does that have to do with me?! He stated that he was charging everyone this week because of the storm (regardless of the condition of the car because the storm was “bound to damage the car”). They didn’t say anything about the storm before we left. They live here, and should be familiar with the weather and what we would have to be careful of. Nothing was explained. The car looked the same to me when we returned it. It was basically their word against ours and they were threatening us that we would not make our flight if we tried to argue. Told us we could get reimbursed by our insurance company at home, which was complete baloney; it was just them trying to get us out of their office.

He told us that if we just pay him the money then we could board our plane, go home, and “life would go back to normal.” We are very upset. We ended up being charged an additional EUR 1,000, which was more than our airplane ticket. It was a total scam. Would not recommend SADcars at all.

Liz, USA