Re: Charging for seeing everything

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Re: Charging for seeing everything

Disagree with the minister.

Geysir actually has it right… asking for donations but if Geysir is thinking of charging because donations aren’t going well (if they aren’t) I am against that too.

We realize what, 27 BILLION a year in direct taxes already a result of tourism and that will only go up with the increases forecast for 2014, 2015, etc. When is enough, enough especially when that enough is going UP!!

So what is done to promote and foster tourism with that 27 BILLION... something, anything??

Does it pay for a lot of departmental redundant jobs in several locations in Reykjavik? WHAT? Nobody ever says, how about a little accountability, a little show and tell first?

So far all we have heard to my knowledge is let’s make this charge, that charge, let’s have endless meetings to see who will manage these ideas and potential funds.

Do we remember when there was a move to charge from 7 percent all the way to 25.5 percent for a great hotel tax.

That potentially could have cut tourism, as some actually want by the way and bring DOWN overall revenue.

Then an election and cooler heads prevailed. So now we are at it again, a nature card one fee fits all.

Well besides less tourists, this thing will foster endless meetings and squabbles as to:

1. Who will manage the fund?

2. What the breakdown of shares will be?

Oh yes, the hits just keep on coming.

DONATIONS if anything will make the tourists understand and appreciate the country a whole lot better than any idea that has surfaced so far.

Bob Murray, Garðabær, Iceland