Re: Follow Up - VAT Refunds

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Re: Follow Up - VAT Refunds

After I wrote my letter of October 30, 2013, I wrote a similar letter to Tax Free World Wide and Global Blue to try and track my refunds. Since I had no paperwork I was unsure which of these companies would be handling my transactions. 


The person I contacted at Tax Free World Wide was very helpful. She went out of her way to assist me. She was able to find two of my sets of documents in their system. She apologized for the delay and expedited my refund. This morning when I checked my credit card balance online I was happy to see a refund in the amount of CAD 366.


She also was able to verify for me that my two other major purchases were with merchants who deal with Global Blue. Global Blue has not been so great to deal with.


After a few emails and several days I have been told that some of my paperwork has been located but it is missing my passport and credit card info. This is NOT TRUE. I know for a fact that all of my paperwork was completed properly. All of my paperwork was also reviewed and stamped by a Customs Officer at the airport, as well as reviewed before being accepted at the Tax Refund office.


Global Blue has asked me to email my credit card info to them. I will not send this type of info over unsecured email and I have asked them for a phone or fax number so that I can send my info that way. As of this morning I have not received any sort of reply from them, nor do I know exactly which office I have been emailing. Trying to get information from their website is virtually impossible. I seriously doubt I will get my refund from Global Blue.


Needless to say, I am not very happy with Global Blue... and should I be lucky enough to have another vacation in Iceland someday I will be very hesitant about shopping anywhere that I see the Global Blue sign on the door.


John Kingma, Canada