Re: Cuts at National Broadcasting Corporation

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Re: Cuts at National Broadcasting Corporation


Giant hole in the budget through revoking those fees on the ultra-rich fishing companies.

Giant holes in the environment through pushing for another unneeded excessive energy-sucking aluminum smelter and unnecessary roads through irreplaceable lava and trying to eliminate the Ministry of the Environment

Giant hole in health-care through under-funding Landspítali.

Giant holes in education, not least the literal giant hole in the iniversity where the Icelandic Studies department was to be.

Giant holes in art and culture and environment and employment, and now...

Giant hole in RÚVJúlíana had better enjoy it while it still exists.

The people running your Government aren’t the ‘Independence’ or ‘Progressive’ Parties.

They’re the Giant Hole Party.


Bestu kveðjur,

Katharine Kroeber, Rockland MA, USA