Go Swimming? No Thank You.

Readers Corner

Go Swimming? No Thank You.

Einar Bárðarson, chair of Visit Reykjavík thinks more people should go to the swimming pools. Well, I can't speak for other countries, but in the U.K., and certainly in our area, swimming is well in decline.

Our local pool closed several years ago through lack of use. And that's the U.K., also an island nation, where we are never more than 120 km from the sea!. Yes, many people go to the water's edge on holiday, and some get into trouble because they can't swim, but largely it's the hope of summer sunshine, not swimming, that they go to the beach for.

Certainly we don't come to Iceland to go swimming, the Blue Lagoon, a 'tourist trap' if ever there was one, costs 35 Euros each, minimum. We would rather spend our money on the travel costs to go and see what Iceland is really about: waterfalls; glaciers; ice-caps; wild rivers and the amazing lava fields. To us a day spent swimming would be a day in Iceland wasted.


Tony Gomm,
Winchester, U.K.